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Rotary clamp for frames and doors

The rotary clamp PR allows accurate and fast pressing of frames and doors. The press is equipped with 3 working fields in which the doors and frames are clamped either pneumatically or hydraulically depending on requirements. This way, the doors can be processed continuously while the glue is drying. Thanks to its space-saving design, it can be easily integrated into your production.

The following stock dimensions can be processed with the press:

Stock length: max. 2,500 mm (98.43”)
Stock height: max. 1,500 mm (41.34”)
Stock thickness: max. 120 mm (4.72”)

  • High flexibility: Number of clamping cylinders according to your needs
  • High Output
  • Durability thanks to the robust design of the machine
  • High safety standards conforming to CE-standards e.g. 2-hand-operation
  • Simple operation
  • Thanks to its space-saving design, it can be easily integrated into your production
  • Plug & Play

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic driven models (according to customer specification)
  • Max vertical and horizontal pressing force: 200-2,000 kg/rotation (441-4409 lbs)
  • Clamping cylinder can be easily adjusted via a single holding screw only
  • Easy and fast fastening system
  • 2-hand operation

  • Processing of max. 6 workpieces simultaneously
  • Additional working field (4 in total)
  • Frontal clamping groups for solid wood panels
  • Workpiece dimensions and number of cylinders are customizable

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