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3 product lines for precise planning

To navigate our range with ease, we offer each of our machines in three product lines.

This helps you to compare performance and features, so you can quickly identify the design that best meets your needs.



If you’re focused on pure function, then base.line is right for you.

By selecting base.line, your decision is firmly founded on reliable performance because we use proven, high-quality components, ensuring maximum service life.

Add to that our comparatively quick delivery times. Speedy commissioning means a quick return on your investment with every day of production.

Easy-to-use handling cuts down on training time, so even frequent personnel changes aren’t a problem. Moreover, our attractive price structure lets you calculate costs with confidence. Our base.line machines perform your processes with strength and stamina!


Our pro.line machines let you optimize your manufacturing capacity with enhanced equipment, opening up new opportunities for production.

This line’s processing systems are modular in nature, making them quickly available and ready for immediate use with fast delivery times. Besides their impressive performance data, these units deliver the utmost in precision and reliability.

Thanks to comfortable, easy handling, your staff will be familiar with all the features in no time. Take advantage of the pro.line plus, and your modest extra investment will pay for itself through a boost in production flexibility.


Count on maximum performance and increase your productivity with select.line machines perfectly adapted to meet your needs.

That translates to ultra-smooth workflows and flawless results that benefit you all around.

Our perfect fine-tuning applies to the user navigation as well. The intuitive handling of select.line machines makes using their variety of functions especially safe, simple and convenient.

Produce at a profit right from the outset while maintaining utmost flexibility in the production process. With select.line, you’re set for success with the ideal set-up.


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