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Caravan / RV

Innovative technologies for the manufacturing of interior fittings for the Caravan industry

We offer various concepts for the processing of straight or curved Caravan/RV fronts and other furniture pieces. The range of solutions includes manual fed single-sided machines for just-in-time production, CNC working cells, as well as fully automated through-feed machines for larger batch production. By automating the innovative WoodWelding® procedure, we are also able to offer a wide solution range of machines for inserting and melting Würth COLDMELT®-dowels for small, medium and large volumes. All machines can process a variety of profiles and materials.

Our product lines – base, pro and select – provide you with production lines perfectly fine-tuned to suit your needs, and with optional equipment enhancements, they can be ideally tailored to optimize production.

Depending on the machine type, the machines can be used for the processing of:

  • Lightweight materials
  • Caravan furniture fronts
  • Moulded parts
  • Drawer components
  • Frame parts

SPRINT-PEANUT select.line

Drilling and PEANUT® insertion machine

machine img 1

ENDMASTER-K base.line

Edge banding machine for single-sided processing

machine img 2

ENDMASTER-K select.line / Caravan

Edge-banding machine for moulded parts and curved Caravan fronts

machine img 3

SPRINT base.line

Single-sided drilling and dowel insertion machine

machine img 4

SPRINT pro.line

Single-sided drilling and dowel insertion machine for batch size 1 production – enhanced equipment

machine img 5

SPRINT select.line

Single-sided working center – with individual equipment for batch size 1 production

machine img 6

SPRINT-W select.line / Caravan

WoodWelding® machine for inserting Würth COLDMELT®-dowels for batch size 1 production

machine img 7

UNIFLEX-Pin Welding pro.line

CNC WoodWelding® work center for inserting Würth COLDMELT® dowels

machine img 8

SPRINT-LightPanel select.line

Drilling and fitting insertion machine for lightweight building panels for batch size 1 production

machine img 9

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