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TECH TOGETHER - Woodworking Competence

For the second time, machine and plant manufacturers from OWL invite to the joint in-house exhibition Tech Together.

The OWL region offers concentrated machine, plant and supplier competence in the field of woodworking. Well-known suppliers covering the entire machining process will face the interest of the worldwide clientele from 18-20 October 2022. For more information on the trade fair, visit the website

This year's exhibition program is wide-ranging: we will present both throughfeed machines for serial production of furniture parts, as well as single-sided machines for machining smaller quantities.

NEU SPRINT base.line
Single-sided dowel insertion machine

  • Centrally located touch screen operation panel + lower dowel hopper height for easier accessibility
  • New compact design and side access door occupy smaller factory footprint
  • Maximum flexibility: Additional drilling spindles can be added easily


UNIFLEX-Plus select.line
Flexible through-feed drilling machine

  • Two vertical drilling units
  • Center stock support with point-to-point function
  • Stock length: 220-2500 mm, stock width: 50-600 mm


SBD base.line
Sawing, drilling and dowel insertion machine

  • With hopper feed and stock return feed conveyor
  • With sawing station, horizontal drilling station and 2 dowel tools
  • Automatic positioning of the moveable machine side


SPRINT-KH select.line
Single-sided KeyHole routing machine

  • Flexible KeyHole routing on the stock edge
  • NC-positioning of the Y and Z axis
  • For pre drilled workpieces


ENDMASTER-K base.line
Single-sided edge-banding machine

  • Edge-banding station
  • Second routing support for maximum ouput
  • Formatiting station for optimal processing quality


BD-60 select.line
Through-feed drilling and dowel insertion machine

  • Stock length: 114-1300 mm, stock width: 50-650 mm
  • 1 horizontal drilling unit each side and 5 vertical drilling units
  • 1 dowel insertion station each side


S-250+BD+Z-208 select.line
Drawer line

  • Consisting of a trim saw, drilling and dowel insertion machine, as well as a center cut saw
  • With hopper feed
  • Capacity: up to 100 parts per minute


LEHBRINK RWF-697 select.line
Drilling of furniture parts in the stack

  • Machining is possible in the stack or individually
  • Innovative workpiece transport with pierceable counter wood for flexible and tear-free machining
  • Capacity: 24 back panels per minute

Depending on the production status, the machines can be inspected, or demonstrated. To make an appointment with one of our salesmen in advance, please call us anytime at +49 (0)5202-9900 or send an e-mail with your desired date to

We look forward to welcoming you to our factory!

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