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Fall special: Special prices for stock machines

Only for a short time we have our carcase press VK011 and drawer press Box V3.0 on offer for you!



Case clamp with manual feed


>> High pressing force, precise result<<


  • Vertical press plate
    (150 x 50 mm)
  • Horizontal press plate
    (150 x 50 mm)
  • Preselection of pressing time
  • Max. pressing pressure 1,800 kg (horizontal), 2,300 kg (vertical)
  • Machine operation via touch panel or joystick (ECO)
  • 2-hand operation


  • High flexibility:Pressing pressure is variably adjustable. Great variety of different cabinet dimensions possible
  • Maximum output due to positioning speed of up to 54 mm/sec (ECO up to 29 mm/sec)
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen display (standard) and joystick (ECO version)
  • High safety standards due to CE-conformity e.g. 2-hand-operation, security fence etc.
  • Sturdy design, linear guides and ball screws lead to the highest precision
  • Plug & Play


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BOX V3.0

Drawer and frame clamp


<< Assemble drawers or frames easily and quickly >>


  • Maximum clamping power: vertical: 800 kg / horizontal: 800 kg
  • Adjustable depth stops allow clamping of drawers with longer fronts
  • Lateral press units slowly approach the workpiece
  • Machine operation via joystick


  • High flexibility: Variably adjustable clamping unit for drawers and frames of different dimensions
  • Minimum set-up times allow high output
  • Intuitive operation
  • High safety standards due to CE-conformity e.g. 2-hand-operation
  • Plug & Play


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