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Project Development Lab

Something new is coming up...

A development lab is a crucial component in the process of designing and refining cutting-edge woodworking technology. Our new lab serves as a dedicated space where engineers, designers, and skilled technicians collaborate to innovate and improve machinery tailored to the unique needs of the furniture industry.

Given our specialization in bespoke woodworking machinery, the development lab becomes a dynamic hub for customization. It serves as a playground for creativity and problem-solving, ensuring that the machinery crafted by KOCH remains at the forefront of technological advancements. With the company’s legacy dating back to 1958, the development lab becomes a symbol of KOCH’s commitment to innovation and excellence, fostering a continuous cycle of improvement and adaptation.

A special thank you goes to our „lab partners“, who contribute to the overall progress of this new project. We highly appreciate your involvement and continuous support over the years!

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