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Novelties Ligna 2011

Sawing - Drilling - Shaping - Glueing - Dowel Insertion are the core competences of KOCH and customized solutions their special subject. On the exhibition area (Stand C38, Hall 26) you can obtain detailed information about KOCH's production range with many new and further developments.


One of the novelties presented at LIGNA is the Frontline-400, a machining center for the 6-sided operation of narrow parts in longitudinal throughfeed.

With this machining concept the workpieces are transported through the machine in longitudinal troughfeed by NC-control.

At first the workpieces are fed into the working station by means of a numerically controlled belt conveyor with restricted guidance. In the working station the workpieces are taken by a NC-controlled gripper. After being processed, the workpieces are taken by another gripper and transported out of the working station.
The machine for the just-in-time manufacturing can process small and narrow parts with a workpiece width of 60 - 240 mm.
Because of its modular structure, the machine can also be equipped with a grooving, milling and/or dowel insertion unit.

KOCH focused this machine on a special gripper system, which enables a continuous processing. As a result a maximum output can be achieved with this highly flexible machine.


KOCH has made its mark as a specialist for drilling and dowel insertion machines. With the presentation of the BD-smart, a drilling machine for the double end automatic operation of straight and right-angled workpieces, KOCH showcases a machine, which is of special interest for manufacturers of drawers, frame parts, profiled rails and furniture components.

The workpieces are separated in a hopper feed and pushed into the working stations. There they are processed in clamped position and pushed out of the machine by a stock return feed.

The machine is equipped for horizontal and vertical drilling and can optionally be provided with an edge drilling unit, so that a five-sided drilling is possible.

For an optimum adjustment of workpieces the machine is equipped with a center stock suppert with stop and back stop.


According to one of the big topics on this year's LIGNA, KOCH presents a further development of a machine for the drilling, inserting and glueing of fittings into the seamless lightweight building panel.

The SPRINT-LightPanel is equipped with horizontal and vertical drilling stations as well as horizontal and vertical stations for the insertion of fittings, so that the most varied fittings can be inserted automatically into the seamless lightweight panel.

For a better application of fittings with the upper and/or lower face material KOCH uses a new glueing system. This is the common hotmelt system, which is mainly used for edge-banding machines.

"The big advantage of the well-known hotmelt glueing system with the use of hotmelt adhesive are shorter processing times. Furthermore the hotmelt system needs less maintenance effort and fewer costs for the hotmelt adhesive arise", says Andre Grote, area sales manager Germany.

The manufacturer of woodworking machinery stand up for the development and marketing of machines for the processing of lightweight panels. Reasons for the use of lightweight panels are resource efficiency, weight savings and sustainability. Furthermore complete installation modules make electrification of media and accessories possible.

[Translate to English:] SPRINT-LightPanel: Maschine zum automatisieren Einbringen von Beschlägen in die riegellose Leichtbauplatte