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The K-System: 3 product lines adjusted to your needs

To navigate our range of products with ease, we offer each of our machines in 3 product lines. This helps you to compare performance and features, so you can quickly identify the machine that best meets your needs.

Product category

Small and narrow parts

Cabinet and panel

Cabinet furniture frame parts


Doors and windows




Just-in-time manufacture

High volume production



Glueing and dowel insertion




Edge banding


Fitting insertion



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Blowing device for drill holes

Quality enhacement due to clean drill holes

Precise and clean working processes for sensitive surfaces

This is guaranteed by KOCH's blowing device for drill holes

Technical details

  • Blowing and extraction from one source
  • Our blowing device is combined with the reliability of the KOCH drilling heads
  • Right-hand rotating drilling spindle, therefore the drilling head has a larger structure
  • Drills with size 6 and 8
    Tip: the 8 mm drills achieve even cleaner results
  • The drill bit mounting is ø 10 mm cylindrical
  • Min. center distance between the spindles: 16 mm
  • Min. distance between the outer corner of the drilling head and the spindle: 15,5 mm

Your advantages: 

  • Considerable minimization of drill chips
  • The workpieces can be stacked properly
  • Unblemished workpiece surfaces
  • No residual chips when assembling the furniture - Your customers will appreciate this


It goes without saying, that the blowing device can be retrofitted at a later date:

Your modification package includes:  

  • Drilling heads as described above
  • All drilling heads with extractor hoods, which are integrated and aligned for horizontal drilling units
  • One pressure tank at each side
  • Adaptation of wiring diagram and software

Solutions for frame processing - Shaker, Miter and French cut

Koch offers various concepts for the production of doors and their components. The range of solutions include manually fed single-sided machines for low volume or just-in-time production in work cells to fully automated through-feed machines for larger batch sizes.

Our flexible machine portfolio allows small batch production or large volume production, while processing different profiles and materials.